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Web Documents Portal

Hitec's Web Documents is a suite of products and services that enables users of Hitec Report Archiving/ERM and PaperStore Document Imaging solutions to extend access via a custom WEB site.   Various types of formatted documents can be accessed with this new capability.  Formatted documents can include Reports, Invoices, Statements, or Company/Organizational specific information.  Scanned images can include any type of document that is relative to a customers interaction with the organization.

Products that enable this capability include custom Dynamic Web front ends, customer specific security modules and an interface to Document Management files.  Services include setup and design of custom Web pages, Security modules and System Integration.  Also included in services is to host the applications and websites in our WEB Docs data center.

Hitec Integration, Inc. and it’s business partners can provide turnkey solutions for in house systems.  A turnkey solution could include a HP Web Server completely integrated with SQL Server, Web Hosting Server, Java based security module and Custom Web page development and access tools for the electronic documents. There is also a powerful workflow engine that can be used as the foundation for more enterprise critical cloud based applications that incorporate documents and computer generated detail. 

Hitec Integration, Inc., along with Web Documents, Inc., can also provide complete site hosting with multiple T-1 bandwidth and 7 X 24 over site of the entire Web portal facility. The complete site hosting includes custom Page development, implementation of security module and processing of Data that will be accessed.

Our research shows that this type of facility is best suited for customer service portals that includes report distribution applications.  Our applications are tuned for such needs.  For Instance:

 A distributor wants to make sales invoices and supporting documentation available to their customers via the Web.

The customer enters the Web page with their exclusive log in and password. The customer has access only to their own invoices and supporting information. Supporting information could include: Purchase Orders, Delivery receipts and/or correspondence.

A commodities trader wants to make their client’s daily position reports available via the Web.  This highly secure information usually requires a phone call and fax reply.  The secure Web page allows for a secure log in and exclusive access to one or more of the client’s specific report pages.

A world wide engineering firm needs to distribute individual project budget reports to over 1200 locations on a monthly basis. Because the various locations have diverse types of communications capabilities, thick client access to the electronic report warehouse is unrealistic. The Web site could provide a secure mechanism for access to site specific budget report pages based on the user login and password.


To simplify the end user experience, Hitec's web portal delivers most documents back to the web browser as a PDF file.  The connection to the host from the user,s desktop is normally over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) facility that protects the privacy of documents.